Series: RSVP Speaker: Paul Holmberg Date: Sunday, May 28, 2017

What does it mean to be someone’s spiritual friend? 

How can we start to talk to people, who we have built a trusting friendship with, about spiritual things?  About God?  About their experience with God growing up?  Jesus was amazing at asking people great questions and getting to know their life and their story ... but he always led the conversation to spiritual things ... to the things of God and His Kingdom.  How can we learn to do the same?

Here are 12 questions we could ask other people that might help us start talking about spiritual things with those we care about:

  • how’s your heart feeling today?
  • what are some of the things in life that matter the most to you?
  • what are you thirsty for in life?
  • what was your religious life like growing up?
  • does Christmas or Easter have any spiritual meaning for you?
  • what has been your experience with going to church?
  • what was your experience with God growing up?
  • what are the spiritual conversations like in your family?
  • what do you think God is like?
  • how do you think God feels about you?
  • have you ever prayed?  do you ever catch yourself praying?
  • do you have anyone in your life that prays for you?
  • what do you lean on when your life gets really hard and you’re really hurting?
Audio Download: Audio icon Invitation to Spiritual Friendship - that “God would open a door”.mp3

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