Series: Lent Speaker: Paul Holmberg Date: Sunday, April 2, 2017

We see Jesus’ being fuelled by a massive and powerful force ... compassion.  He felt the pain the people were experiencing, which is what the word compassion means.  When Jesus looked at people, he was filled with compassion.  And it propelled Him into action to help them.  And when He saw them, he didn’t just see “them,” he saw and knew their stories ... their life story.  In our culture, we so rarely get to tell our life story.  And we so rarely know the life stories of the people around us.  And it hurts us.  It robs us of the compassion that knowing their story would well up in our hearts.  And we need that trend to change if we’re gonna be able to passionately minister to those around us, especially those who don’t  have intimacy and relationship with God.

Audio Download: Audio icon God's Heart For All Who Do Not Have Intimacy With Him.mp3

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